Clayton Landey


Scene Study for Working Actors (ongoing)

Clayton is creating an ongoing space for advanced/professional actors to continue growing their craft between acting jobs. Are you prepared? How have you prepared prior to your scene work? What tools did you use to break down the scene? The beats? Have you answered the very basic Who, What, When, Where? Are you focused and prepared to invest in yourself, your career, your audition. Let's get to work. Come to class prepared and ready to work. All students work in scenes every week.


"I can truly say that after a session with Clayton, he was able to redirect my mind so that I was able to get out of my own way, use the skills I learned and stay focused on driving the scene instead of being controlled by my fear of the audition process. I would recommend a Clayton Landey class to anyone... and do."

- Amber Chaney

Clayton is an amazing teacher and coach. I have been lucky to have been guided to him. He has been such great help to my family and me in my acting career.

- William J. Harrison

“Working with Clayton reminded me to have the passion and integrity to bring a character to life in a way that challenged me and helped me grow as an actor. He is insightful and brings years of experience and knowledge to what he does. I look forward to working with him again in the near future!”

-  Alisa Riggs Petitt

“My experience with Clayton Landey began with rejection. When I auditioned for his script analysis class, Clayton flatly told me I wasn't good enough yet. However, he did agree to take me on as an acting student. This was the beginning of my apprenticeship with this deeply experienced, dedicated, intensely focused instructor. I would never have thought that learning to act would mean learning not to act, but Clayton's session exercises have helped me tap the emotional core of every character I have studied. Anyone serious about their craft would profit from Creative Studios of Atlanta and Clayton Landey's rigorous but rewarding course of training.”

- Bruce Culpepper

"I have been taking Clayton's scene study class since the beginning of the year and I highly recommend it.

He offers a solid and practical approach to scene work that is based on discovery, resulting in work that is both dynamic and grounded in the text. I can honestly say working with him is an essential  part of the reason I have been booking lately.

It is so important to be studying the craft on a regular basis especially when not working regularly. I feel truly fortunate to be learning from such a gifted teacher here in Atlanta."       

-Eric Kan

At The Alliance Theatre

Private Coaching Available

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